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Acta Mathematica Nitriensia

Acta Mathematica Nitriensia
Vol. 5, No. 2, 2019


Kitti Páleníková, Katarína Senderáková:Vyučovanie matematiky orientovaného na budovanie mentálnych schém a výsledky z pozorovania žiakov počas vyučovania
Full paper(Scheme-Oriented Approach to Mathematics Education and Results of an Observation of Pupils during the Educational Process)

Abstract: The following paper describes an alternative approach in mathematics education, known as Scheme-oriented mathematical education elaborated by prof. Milan Hejný from the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. We present the background of the approach: the theory of generic models; formalism and constructivism; schemes and structures and at least the principles of the approach. The paper then presents the results obtained by a structured observation of pupils of grade 5, 6 and 7 educated by this approach. We focused on the twelfth principle of the approach called Supporting collaboration – acquiring knowledge through discussion. We were interested in which portion of the lesson the students work together in pairs/in groups or in whole class discussion. We found out that pupils’ collaboration takes more than 60 % of lesson. The findings are accompanied by other notes implicated by independently observation during the lessons.

Keywords: mathematics education, constructivism, mental schemes. Observation, collaboration of students

Classification: D10, D40

Pages: 11 – 22

DOI: 10.17846/AMN.2019.5.2.11-22

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